A Fresh East-Meets-West Approach



The Body Brain Resilience Center has been taken over and absorbed by Higher Synthesis Health, as of August, 2016.  We will mainly be seeing patients on the first floor as before, in Suite 104.  Certain services will be offered in an office in Suite 301.

Please stay tuned for an updated website.

Our Commitment

  • We commit to making a real difference for those affected by body-brain challenges at whatever stage of life.
  • We aim to bring a fresh, comprehensive approach.
  • We offer innovative and patient friendly “East Meets West” comprehensive packages customized to your needs and goals.
  • Our collaborative team will put our heads together to look at all possible options to make things better.
  • We aim to generate success and evidence of success, and to learn from experience.

—Our Uniqueness

  • Our multidisciplinary team includes clinicians from different traditions (conventional western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, other traditional and innovative diagnostic and healing practices, neuroplasticity and brain health promotion)
  • Together we build greater support for our patients than any one of us could do alone
  • We have staff members affiliated with top notch medical facilities including Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals and Academy of Traditional Medicine in China
  • We work with with first rate diagnostic and research labs
  • We aim to systematically learn from our patients and their paths to recovery and resilience
  • We are well networked
  • We take a cutting edge whole body-brain systems approach grounded in science and supported by careful clinical observation
  • We see chronic health, brain, neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric challenges as sharing many common underlying features related to living on an environmentally challenged planet
  • We are committed to building the science of recovery through tracking what we do and constantly using our data to improve our practices

What motivates us


A world where needless illness, suffering and limitations are replaced by resilience, creativity, and community.


The Body-Brain Resilience Center will transform and upgrade the lives of people affected by body-brain challenges and the care available to them by integrating the best innovative, traditional, and conventional practices with rigorous, collaborative, practice-based science.

Core Values

Open-mindedness, synergy, respect, mindful rigor, listening, and resilience.


We look forward to meeting you and serving your needs.

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